Kate and Zane’s story,   Touch of the Divine

“I could devour every inch of your skin and you would beg me for more. It most certainly would not suck.” Though he didn’t touch her, her body tingled as if he had. She stared at him dumbfounded while her brain tried to prepare some type of appropriate response.

As she gaped at him she realized he was changing. His jaw extended conforming to an altogether new shape. The next thing she noticed were his eyes, they went from blue to black as the bone structure in his face changed, narrowing causing his eyes to set apart. His black hair spread the length of his entire body. It took every bit of control Kate possessed to not reach out and touch him.

His spine erupted, lengthening his torso as he dropped to his knees. Kate wondered for a brief moment if it hurt. His arms and legs shortened turning into what she would expect a wolf’s legs to look like. Thought it only took a short period of time, his transformation captivated her.

Unable to stop herself she reached out to touch him. The wolf turned its head toward her bearing its teeth but emitting no sound. Kate’s hand stilled at the vision of its teeth but her curiosity was stronger than her sense of self preservation. Her fingers connected with black fur that was soft. She half expected it to be course, but it felt like silk.

What started as curiosity turned into pleasure. She stroked the length of the wolf’s fur from the base of its neck to the hindquarters. She pressed her face against the fur, inhaling its scent. The feel of his fur against her skin sent a ripple of heat through her body.

She jerked her thoughts from a place she was certain they did not belong. She backed away from the wolf Zane had become. Her breath caught at the sight of his eyes. Though her mind had turned him from werewolf to pure wolf, the sight of Zane in those black eyes made her all too aware of the man within the beast. He flashed his teeth again in what could only be described as a smirk and bounded away.

Kate sank to the ground bringing her knees up to her chest with her arms wrapped around them. She exhaled slowly emptying her lungs before taking in a shuddered breath.

“You know you’ve been celibate too long when a wolf turns you on.” She said aloud. The desire she felt as she stroked the soft fur encasing that body left her throbbing with want. She knew the moment she saw him again in male form she’d not be able to look him in the eye.

***   ***   ***

Ana and Franco’s story    “With This Ring, I Thee Trust”

In the waning days of summer, Franco rebelled against the thought of the approaching season, and all that it stood for. He arrived on Ana’s porch, as he did every Friday for his three hour visit, and realized that he wanted more. There would never be enough time with her. The red headed vixen put a spell on him that he couldn’t break away from. He knocked on the door and awaited a response. Her father answered, to which Franco was grateful, her father he could deal with, her mother intimidated him like no one else ever could.
“Fall’s coming.” The older man said in way of greeting.
“Yes, sir,” said Franco.
“You’ll be going away to college, I imagine,” said Ana’s father, Mr. Kilbane.
“Yes sir, I’ve been accepted to the University of Pennsylvania,” said Franco.
“What are your intentions toward my daughter?”
Though they had been talking about the future, Franco couldn’t help but feel as if the question came out of nowhere. If he were honest with himself, he hadn’t thought about the future. He just accepted that Ana would be a part of his life. There had been no conscious decision, just how things were.
“I’m going to marry her,” he stated, then added “With your permission, of course.”
“Does she know that?” Mr. Kilbane asked.
They both heard the screen door slam as the irate female in question stepped out onto the wooden porch. Franco could only assume that she’d heard the conversation and did not like it.
“How dare you tell my father we’re getting married without asking me first!” She said as she marched up to him, pointing her finger into his chest, poking it to emphasize her words.
“Well, I would have asked you first, but I wanted your father’s permission first,” said Franco.
“I’m not a child, Franco, you ask me first,” Ana said before stomping off the porch and started walking away.
Franco stared after her, his lips firmly pressed together in an attempt to stop the laugh that threatened to break through.
Her father made no attempts to hide his mirth. “Go after her, or she’ll only get worse. I expect it to be a Catholic wedding,” he said.
“Yes, sir.” Franco bounded off the porch to catch up with Ana.
She stood there, her grey skirt swaying around her ankles when a gentle breeze, her arms wrapped around her chest with her hands folded in the crooks her elbows. Her face bore a striking resemblance of a female warrior preparing for battle. The fierce look made him think of a kitten trying to intimidate a Great Dane, and the laughter he fought to quell bubbled up. His shoulders shook, as a deep chuckle escaped.
“Don’t you laugh at me, Franco Bonacci! I’m angry with you,” said Ana.
“Marry me,” said Franco.
“No,” said Ana.
“Marry me, Ana.”
“Ana Kilbane, marry me, be the mother of my children, my partner in life, be the woman that I grow old with.” Franco dropped to one knee as he spoke.
She stared at him as if in shock, her hand flew to her mouth, covering it. Franco began to worry that she meant the previous negative responses that she said.
“Say something,” said Franco.
“Of course, I’ll marry you. I already started making my wedding dress,” said Ana.
“How did you know? I didn’t even know until tonight,” he said as he stood up.
“Franco, you’ve been in love with me since you spilled ice cream on my dress at the state fair. I knew you’d get around to realizing it eventually.”
“You already knew that I loved you, already knew I was going to ask you to marry me, why did you get angry with me?” he asked.
“Because I didn’t want you to propose to me in front of my dad. I wanted it to be special, just between us.”
Franco laughed again, he knew he couldn’t have picked a better woman to stand by his side for the end of their days. He loved everything about her.
“In case you’re wondering, I love you, too,” said Ana.


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