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Black Rayne Silent Screams by Yvonne Nicolas

14 Sep

Let’s see. Where do I start?

I remember the day I sat down at the computer and started writing. It was right after I finished a book from Zane. God, I love her writing. You could say she was my inspiration. In the back of my mind, I had always wondered if I could write an erotic novel, but was content with just reading them. My mother, also an avid reader, coaxed me to give it a try.

So, five years later, I finally did!

The first novel I banged out was titled, “The Shade of Lust.” Since mentioning it, I glanced at it for a good laugh. It’s in pretty rough shape, but it’s still sexy as all get down. One of these days, I may go back to it, dust it off and put out there for the readers to see, but for now, I’ll leave it locked up in the vault.

After I realized I could actually write a book, I wrote, Designing Love. I got the idea for this novel while working as an Architectural Designer for a small firm in Florida. The storyline for this one came easy to me and the love scenes came even easier.

The hero in the story, Devon, has the attitude many architects have to this day. Arrogance, yet brilliant. Josephine, on the other hand, shares his brilliance, but is humble about her work, which mirrors the personality of a friend of mine who is a fabulous interior designer. Love you, Michelle!

In my head, their love affair started out as a sweet romance. By the time it streamed from my brain to my fingers, it became a hot, steamy bowl of lust. LOL! Hey, what can I say? That’s where my muse takes me. I appreciate and love all of the emails I’ve received from readers expressing their enjoyment of my writing. And to answer the question that many have asked, yes, I am writing a sequel to Designing Love.

As long as God spares me with life and health, I’ll continue to wow the readers with my off the wall tales.

Black Rayne Silent Screams was a novel I’d wanted to write for some years, but was too chicken to do it since the very idea of it was pushing boundaries and breaking rules. It played over and over again in my mind as a dark journey where there are many obstacles and unrestrained sexual desire along the way. After being persuaded by a few friends, I typed my thoughts out and the edgy urban fantasy was born.

The idea to put a 17th century nobleman with a 21st century hip-hop diva seemed farfetched at first thought, but I somehow made it work. Though they are total opposites in every way, shape and form, they are drawn together by the sheer fabric of dark passion and the duty to protect a world that has no knowledge of the impending doom that’s about to fall upon them.

The next book in the series is Black Rayne Scarlet Moon. Like Silent Screams, this story is filled with lust, action and death, but of course, I had to push the boundaries ju-u-ust a little further. *snicker*

You can find both novels and Red Rose Publishing.


What are these green things?

10 May

I remember a time when it thrilled me to no end, that my children ate vegetables and would actually ask for more. Then I discovered that I could write novels. Fast forward three years, two point five books, later and this is a conversation I had with my child.

Child: Mom, there’s something in this, its green.

Mom: I put green beans in it.

Child: I think its mold.

Mom: It’s not mold its green beans.

Child: I tasted it, its mold.

Mom: How would you know what mold tasted like?

Child: Are your really asking that? No offense but you aren’t the greatest cook in the world.

Mom: I would never make you mold.

Child: God has that part taken care of. What are these green things again?


Child: They need salt.

There really are no words to discuss how sad this makes me that my teenage child had no idea what green beans were.  Or that my food has taught her what mold taste like. I’m going grocery shopping tomorrow and buying nothing but vegetables!!

And coffee

Oh and well I need starbucks doubleshots

Oh and stuff for the kids to eat… oh wait I’m getting vegetables.

Shopping list:




Single Parent Diary – Absolute Authority

2 May

The greatest thing about being a single parent is the absolute authority. There is no one to share the decision making with. There is no one to offer their opinions of how something should, or should not be accomplished.

No… instead I have four. Four unique and willful minds that ultimately feel they have an equal say in everything around them. There is the older, more responsible one, who truly believes that it is perfectly acceptable to wear clothes that add ten years to her age.

Ah, then there is the older middle child. Now this one usually has wonderful insight on how she should be raised. What type of toys should be purchased, what type of food is healthy or unhealthy. Even what type of music is best for the growing mind of a child. I really should to listen to this one occasionally.

The greatest advice though, usually comes from my oldest son. He has taught me so many lessons in life. I don’t know how I survived so far without them. His gems of wayward opinions usually range from which video games are better than others. He also offers insightful wisdom on which delivery place can reach our house faster.  Of course, this is the same child who stole from his mother’s wallet to give to charity. He also called every single person on my caller id list, to tell them I was in the shower. I probably shouldn’t listen to him as much.

I believe the child I listen to the least is that of my youngest son. The baby of my family. Although, to be fair, I don’t think I accept his thoughts of equality because he doesn’t actually believe he has an equal standing with that of his mother. No, not at all. This young willful child believes he’s superior to that of his lowly mother and siblings. He rules supreme in his universe.

Sometimes I often wish I had a two parent household. Lets go beyond the obvious reasons of having a second income, someone to help pay for the damages, someone else to drive all over gods creation for this or that, someone to hold the child’s head while I clean up the remnants of dinner, someone to actually raise there hand and vote with me when I’m more right than the four united little minds.

Someone to remind me that I’m in charge. I’m the boss. I’m the rule making decision maker.

Now that I’m finished dreaming I think I’ll have a cup of coffee.

Write with childlike wonderment.

17 Apr

Yesterday I experienced something that I can’t recall ever doing before. I went to the circus. The whole experience was something that I’ll cherish forever. Watching the faces of my sons light up when the women twirled, the clowns danced and the men bounced on the tightrope, made it a profound experience. Having my four children, sister and one niece sit quietly for two hours… absolutely the best experience I’ve had in a long time.

What is it about places like the circus that capture and hold ones attention so vividly. Is it that first initial hook? In this case the swirling motor bikes in a giant metal ball cage. When my sons saw that, they were stoked and didn’t look away for a moment. Then followed by a man in a hamster wheel that swung around the span of the tent, floor to ceiling. The constant fast beat of the music, his daring, the danger. Every bit was like a choreographed dance until the very end when they shot the man out of a cannon.

That is how I strive to be with my writing. I want to have that level of ability to bring out a childlike wonder in the imagination of the reader. I want to tickle their funny bone and engage them in my world. There are so many wonderful authors out there that do profound, I’m more apt to make you chuckle than think about global warming. And that’s ok. I’ve come to believe that doesn’t mean I’m wasting my talent, it means that I’m using my talent in the way I want to.


So, now I want to run away and join the circus. If you don’t hear from me for a while, call Cole Bros Circus.


Publishers, Editors, Agents… oh my!!

16 Apr

I don’t think I ever truly realized the depth of research that had to be done *after* the book was written. I’ve made and developed a network of supportive people with a great deal of advice to offer on any aspect of publication. The problem with that is the conflicting advice. It seems everyone has an opinion on every publisher, every editor, every agent.

The thing to do with advice is take it into consideration and discard it completely. A smart friend of mine said submitting is like shoe shopping. (An metaphor that I can really relate to) Why would you shop in the size three aisle when you wear a size 7?) Finding the right fit for your books is vital. It’s a waste of time otherwise, yours and theirs.

For the paranormal romance, I have three books. One completed, One half way finished, and one started. They are all part of the Goddess series that I’ve been working on. They aren’t all that dark, while they find themselves in dangerous situations, they aren’t dangerous. I use a great deal of comic relief and my characters are larger than life… on purpose.

My inspirational writing is more serious, overcoming obstacles to remain true to faith and heart. The short story has found a home, and I couldn’t be more delighted. We’ll see how it does in the coming months. I enjoy the balance writing both creates in me.

When I find a home for the books I will be equally delighted, and quite possibly exhausted. I have researched epublishers, small press publishers, large publishers. I’ve spoken with agents and editors and fellow authors. I’ve read submission pages, and what they were looking for. I’ve spent months researching and keeping notes, reading books by those publishers.

Here’s what I learned:

In the immortal words of Salt n Peppa…

“Opinions are like *ahem* everybody’s got one”

All the research in the world doesn’t take the place of selling a good product. I can’t recommend programs like IWW (Internet Writing Workshop) enough. Get your work critiqued, commented on, read by someone other than your mother.

Google it, you know you want to.

So, I’ve done my research, I’ve read my books, I’ve written and polished, and here I am, writing a blog about it. To let you know the depth of my neurosis, I have 218 book marked publishers, 75 bookmarked agents, and over 1000 networked authors between myspace facebook and twitter.

And I don’t even have a book out  yet.


I can too!

21 Mar

It seems as though everyone is writing a book these days. Former President George W Bush thinks that people want to know about his decision making processes. Brett Michaels, you know that rock singer and horrid reality show guy, yes, him. He is going to write about his time with Poison (When he was relevant). The Octomom has a book deal I believe. The hero Pilot guy, Chesley Sullenberger… ok so I actually want to read his book, I won’t use him in this example.

The reality is that anyone can write a book. If you want instant backing, find your fifteen minutes of fame. Wrestlers have written them, sports legends, actors, musicians, politicians, murderers, anyone who has been in the limelight apparently has a get out of slush free card.

I read gossip rags like there’s no tomorrow, I soak up the lives of our rich and infamous. Though, now that I’ve written a novel, I’m seeing things through a different set of eyes. Which isn’t to say that I think those above shouldn’t be writing novels, I just think they are already legends in their own fields, it makes it that much harder to become one in mine. This Literary Goddess (Ha! still can’t) doesn’t want to have to go up against Brett Michaels on the NY Best Sellers List.

Someone wake me up, I’m dreaming again.

I digress, I think I’ve strayed from the point I had. You know whose book I’d like to read? My 12th grade English Teacher, Mrs. Hatch, I can’t think of a person who had a bigger impact on my literary life because she believed in me. To a screwed up teenager, someone genuinely believing in them is a pretty big deal.

I want to read a book about the 68 year old Fireman who retired after saving countless lives, but only remembers the ones he couldn’t save.

We’re flooded with infamy, bad decisions, drugs and sex… Why can’t we write about the Goodness that exists every day? Leave a comment with someone you’d like to see with a book of their life out.

I’ll be at BnN picking up a book that has infamy, bad decisions, drugs and sex, but with a happy ending!


Impatiently learning to be patient.

20 Mar

My book is done, it’s book one of a tentative series I called the Divine Ones. The Divine Ones are six Goddess’s who have children that must pass three Trials of Humanity to live as a deity among human mortals. The book I just finished took me six long months to write. To some of you, this isn’t all that long, to others still its. To me, six months is an eternity.

My short story is done, the revisions are done. This short story took me four years to write. I started it one night, so long ago, when I’d just moved into government housing in PA and at a low point when I no longer believed in happily ever after. I wrote it to give one married couple a happy ending, because I just didn’t know any.

It was one year ago today that I got the air mail from Harlequin saying that I didn’t win the contest but that my writing showed promise and that I should submit something more suited to their line. Well, Mills and Boon, not Harlequin. It’s always been my dream to write for Harlequin, not going to lie, I still have that letter framed just because they said my work showed promise. Who frames things like that?

So, now I have a query at Harlequin, revisions at Highland Press, and I’ve thoroughly outlined the second book of the Divine Ones. Then, out of nowhere, comes an idea of four short stories, linked by a disaster (thanks to someone on Facebook), all struggling in their marriage, thinking they need a divorce. The general idea is to write four separate shorts, perhaps having them all go to the same church.

When I get an idea, I can’t think of anything else. I have to think it to death to move on. Life is amusing, just when I think I couldn’t possibly be any more impatient, I find myself consumed with a new tale to tell. When I think of how much time I waste, I need to learn to look at how much I’ve accomplished. In a year’s time, I’ve become a co-host of The Haunt @ PNR ( I’m a reviewer for the same place. I’ve built my own website, have two blogs, wrote one novel and two short stories (the second one sucked, that’s why it’s not mentioned here)

All this, while being a mother of four rambunctious children and working 48 hour weeks. Just imagine what i could do if I stayed *off* Facebook, myspace, twitter, dlisted, perez and any other time waster that I have.

And yet, as I sit here writing this pat myself on the back blog, I realize that I’m wasting time because I still need to finish 3 reviews, critique a chapter for one person, 3 other’s for another, not to mention that I need to keep up with my word count of 2500 (ha! see previous post)

It’s exhausting being patient!!!