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PNR Reviewed Divine Touch!!

30 Oct

“A Must Read Debut Author of This Addicting New Series”

Pulling a fast one on her ex-husband, Kate Grezgorski beat him to a shipment that contained the bones of a werewolf. As she opens the box made of silver, Kate documents the process carefully. As she is taking pictures of the skeleton, in between one picture and the next, a extremely tall, sexy man takes the skeleton’s place. Thus begins Kate’s journey in discovering that her mother is a goddess. That even though she might have a special power, she is not the only one. One thing for sure, Kate’s life is about to change forever.

Finally waking up after spending several centuries trapped in his body, werewolf Zane DeSeville, is drawn to the beautiful woman who woke him. Even though she bears a strong resemblance to the woman who trapped him long ago. Asking for the fiesty witch’s help, Zane is feeling more and more under Kate’s spell. Never in all of his centuries has he ever felt this way about a woman. As they draw closer to one another, they piece their way through the maze of mystery to find the key to Zane’s freedom. What they find out is that Kate herself may be the key.

Ms. Bock did an excellent job of writing funny, sexy and memorable characters in a world of mythology, and my favorite thing, werewolves. I found Zane to be a perfect Alpha male that is sexy as hell. I love it when the heroine knows how to take care of herself, just like Kate. She can handle herself and is not afriad to tell you where to go, and how to get there! The chemistry between the two is Hot, Hot, Hot! Divine Touch is the first book in The Divine Ones series, and I can tell you I will be looking for book two, Divine Intervention, coming soon. This is an author to watch for and a series to put in your ‘read over and over again’ pile.

Reviewed by Missy Brown
Posted May 17, 2010


PNR Reviewed Divine Intervention!!

30 Oct

“The Much Awaited Book Two of The Divine One Series”

Savannah Delseno is dead! It was bad enough dying, but to be murdered by your own fiancé, on your wedding day…Not Fun! When she is offered a job as Death’s assistant, at first she is reluctant. But the idea of maybe making her ex- fiancé suffer, seals the deal! One thing Death, aka Gabriel, forgot to mention was the transformation from human mortal to soul reaper. Oh, and that little thing of a family curse and one of the scariest demons ever coming after her!! Let the fun begin!!

Gabriel, aka Death, admired Savannah’s spunk from the moment he saw her. Knowing she would be a good canidate for the job, he agrees with his ex-assistant, Esmeralda that Savannah would make a good replacement. Yeah sure she is beautiful, but they would strictly have a professional relationship and that was all. He had resigned himself to being alone long ago; having loved deeply once, only to lose her. With his ex-assistant and soon to be sister in law trying to play matchmaker, Gabriel has his hands full trying to keep the very alluring Savannah at arm’s length. When a deadly demon comes looking for Savannah, Gabriel will do whatever it takes to keep Savannah; even a marriage in name only!

With Death mourning a lost love, Savannah wanting to kill her old love, an ex-assistant hell bent on a love match, and throw in a ancient demon…Oh yeah, things are about to get real interesting!

I loved Savannah!! She is a character that you can relate too. She says what we wish we could! Her spunk, attitude, wit, and one liners just cracked me up! She is going onto my favorite heroines list! I looked forward to the interactions between Gabriel and Savannah, magic together!! She brings out the fun in Gabe and I just enjoyed the two together very much! When they come together it is hot and steamy!! This couple had my attention from their first wordplay down to the last sentence in the story. I have to say I didnt expect the villian. Ms. Bock did an excellent job of building a very detailed world of gods, goddesses, demons and one mouthy, smart and just downright fun female lead!! Well done, and I cannot wait to see whose story will be told next!!!

Reviewed by Missy Brown
Posted August 26, 2010

Coffee Time Romance reviewed Divine Touch!! 5 cups!!

30 Oct

The Divine Ones Series: Book One
ISBN# 978-1-60435-692-2
April 8, 2010
Red Rose Publishing
337 Pages
Paranormal, Fantasy, Shapeshifter, Mythology
Rating 5 cups

Kate is thrilled when werewolf bones are delivered to her rather than to her ex-husband. She is stunned when the bones disappear, to be replaced by an irresistible naked man. When she gets wrapped up in a tangle that leads her to find she is the child of a goddess… Well, then someone better bring in the chocolate and her best friend.

Zane has been trapped in a void for five hundred years, until his bones are reunited on a sterile table by a woman who looks like the one who betrayed him so many years ago. Even carrying the face from his past, Zane finds himself drawn to the clever witch in a way that he has never felt before in all his many years of roaming the earth as a werewolf.

Brought together by the whims of a god and having to figure out the rules as they go, Zane and Kate must pass a trial of fire… that is, if they can keep from burning with the passion that ignites every time they touch.

A fun read, full of fast-paced dialogue and clever repartee between the cast of zany characters, Divine Touch was a true pleasure to read. From the whimsical characters that literally leapt off the page to the building sexual tension between Zane and Kate, this story was a blast to read and I will look for more of this author’s work.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance

Coffee Time Romance Reviewed Divine Intervention – 5 cups!!

30 Oct

The Divine Ones Series: Book Two
ISBN# 978-1-60435-769-1
August 26, 2010
Red Rose Publishing
352 Pages
Fantasy, Mythology, Paranormal, Shapeshifter
Rating: 5 cups

Savannah Delseno had the perfect dress.  She may not have had the perfect groom, but when you have found an ancient scroll that mentions a family curse that will send you to the arms of a demon king if you don’t get married before your thirtieth birthday, you don’t mind settling.  What she didn’t plan for was the groom stabbing her to death on her wedding day while he and her stepsister, Kendall, made out over her dying body.  Waking up in a waiting room for the dead, she is in a terrible mood.

Death, or Gabriel as his brothers and friends call him, needs a new assistant.  His current assistant is off to marry one of his brothers.  So upon his old assistant’s recommendation, he stops into the waiting room to offer the job to newly murdered bride, Savannah.  When her quick wit and lovely face bring back to life a heart he thought lay as dead as his name in his chest, he is left trying to protect her from more than he counted on.

The Goddesses themselves are intervening to try to make right a twisting of the fabric of fate which threatens the balance of the entire universe when a demon king and death himself fight for the affection of one murdered bride.  And then the Shadow King, a creature feared by most, decides he wants Savannah dead as well?  Will Gabriel and Savannah find a love worth stopping time for or will she end up dead for real this time?

With a character who, on the first page, instead of bemoaning her murder instead is dismayed she died in a bridal gown rather than jeans, it is easy to understand how Ms. Bock draws you into a world riddled with mythological characters that you believe you could meet any day on the street.  Her dialogue is just as quick and hilarious as in her debut novel and her story draws the reader in, making this novel not only one for the to-be-read pile but one you will find yourself rereading to revisit the old friends she cleverly crafted.  Excellent read from one of my new favorite authors!

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance

Got Romance! Reviewed Divine Touch – 5 Diamonds!!

30 Oct

Title: Divine Touch

Author: Kristy Denice Bock
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing
Publication Date: 2010
ISBN: 978-1-60435-692-2
Genre: Paranormal
Length: 337 pages
Author Email:
Rating: 5 Diamonds
Heat Level: Sweet
Reviewer: Cassandra Parker
Date: September 23, 2010
The first in Kristy Bock’s divine series, Kate is an archeologist who is extremely excited about the werewolf bones and can’t wait to unpack and examine them. On the journey to learning more about what curse befell her foster family, Kate believes the werewolf bones are the key. However, Kate’s bones don’t remain bones for long and in their place she finds a naked man!
Zane DeSeville has been trapped for 500 years in the void until Kate releases him. Looking shockingly like the woman who imprisoned him, Zane has a hard time trusting Kate’s intentions, but as the daughter of the Goddess Zane serves, keeping Kate alive is now Zane’s responsibility.
Kate has just discovered she is the daughter of the Goddess Noxia and must now pass the Three Trials of Humanity or be imprisoned as Zane has been. With enemies left and right, Kate must rely on Zane and her new circle of friends to help her adjust to her new powers and survive the trials or suffer the consequences.
Goddesses, werewolves, and elves, oh my! This book was incredibly clever and fun. Filled to the bursting with magical creatures this story is a fast paced ride that doesn’t really slow down until the end. Kate and Zane are very lovable characters and their relationship unfolds very sweetly. The plot offers many twists and turns with every new realization. As the first of a series a lot had to be accomplished in this story with the unveiling of a whole cast of characters, but this was done in an interesting way that was not overwhelming like some other series beginners tend to be. The dialogue is witty and well written, making me laugh on several occasions. I would highly recommend this book and I’m anticipating continuing the series.

Why I write

11 Oct

As some of you know I had a bit of an unorthodox childhood. While some children spent all 12 years in the same school… I went to so many I doubt I can even name them all. When I finally came down south for a dose of stability, I vowed that I’d make certain my children had a stable home life, went to only one school, and above all else, they’d be raised in the house they were born in.

Did this happen? Uh – no. Not even close. Despite it all I still hold on to the dream of that stability. Here’s the floorplan to my dream house.

I love everything about this setup. Complete with the retreat off the master bedroom. I can’t decide which will happen first, winning the lottery, a book selling enough copies to build this… or death and life insurance policy prompting my children to buy one.

This is the beautiful kitchen I’ll have, black counter tops, dark cabinets and stainless steel appliances.

I love the details of this particular kitchen and the open counter space.

See – I bet this cleans burned rice off quickly.

After a long day of burning food and telling someone else to load the dishwasher, I will soak in my beautiful spa bathtub, let the jets smooth away the stresses of the day just melt away.

Then I can load up my laundry in….

After all my hard work folding and sorting, it will be time to relax and watch television.

In my beautiful living room…

Then just to ensure I don’t get too lazy… I’ll make sure to never forget a workout – of course I won’t have to leave the house and the water will always be perfect.

Of course… this is about the kids, so they’ll need a place to swim as well.

For those last minute supplies I’ll jaunt to the store in my…

Then the end of my day I’ll fall asleep in my beautiful bedroom…

ooooh! I forgot the pretty dining room table I want!!

And this dear children… is why I write…



Jessica Chambers – Voices On The Waves

4 Oct

First, Kristy, let me say a huge thank you for inviting me on your blog today to talk about my debut release. Now available from Red Rose Publishing , Voices On The Waves is a sweet women’s fiction novel set against the stunning backdrop of rural Cornwall. When nine individuals from all walks of life win a two-week stay at a beautiful farmhouse retreat, they’re each hoping for some rest and relaxation away from the outside world. In fact, what they get is a holiday that will change their lives forever.

In this scene, Faye Wakefield, owner of the retreat, is falling under the spell of one of her guests, the handsome and unscrupulous Marcus Armitage.


Reaching the pool, Faye paused to watch Marcus’s graceful progress through the water. God, he’s magnificent, she reflected, marveling at the tanned leanness of his body. As handsome as the legendary Matthew Trewhella, who had ensnared the Mermaid Morveren with his singing. There was no doubt that Marcus had ensnared her, and Tiffany, too.

She continued to gaze at him, assailed by long-suppressed memories of a time before love and pain had become forever entangled in her mind, until he paused to catch his breath and saw her.

He awarded her a lazy smile, stopping Faye’s heart mid-beat. “Is this a vision I behold, or could this be my gorgeous hostess come to join me?”

She blushed. “If you’re sure you don’t mind.”

“Not at all. As you see, I’m all on my lonesome here just waiting for a charming lady companion.”

“I just saw Tiffany on the terrace. I would have thought she’d be happy to do you the honor.”

“Alas, it seems a tumble in the pool with me was not sufficient reward for her to dampen her lustrous locks.”

She laughed, feeling awkward. Marcus’s gray eyes roving over her made Faye acutely aware of her body on display, and of her face flushed from cleaning the kitchen. To hide her embarrassment, she discarded her sarong and lowered herself into the pool. Cool water enveloped her, welcome against her skin. She swam a couple of self-conscious lengths before coming to rest by the wall a short distance from where Marcus was floating on his back.

“You look very relaxed,” she said.

“Hmmm, I could get used to this, that’s for sure. You’ve got a really nice set up here, Faye. I’m considering following you into the business.”

“What? You’d exchange your position as owner of a successful company for frying bacon and making beds?”

“Well, obviously I’d employ people to do the more menial tasks.” Marcus rolled onto his front and came to rest his arms on the wall beside her. “Seriously, though, I just don’t seem to be getting the same satisfaction out of my work as I used to. In fact, my whole life feels stale at the moment: my job, my marriage, my kids, everything. I love my kids, don’t get me wrong, but they’re always making demands on me to watch their hockey matches or help them with their algebra, and I never seem to have any time to myself.”

“So is that why you entered the competition? You needed to get away for a while?”

“Exactly. Ever since I turned forty earlier this year, I’ve had this urge to forget all my responsibilities and do what I want for a change.”

He certainly hadn’t wasted any time there, Faye mused. Barely had he set foot over the threshold before he was indulging in a little flirtation. Faye couldn’t blame him. Few men could remain immune to such vivacious beauty, and in Tiffany’s place, she knew she would have received this man with open arms.

She drank him in out of the corner of her eye. His shoulders glistened with water and his fair hair lay flat against his head, accentuating its arrogant tilt. A yearning such as she had not encountered for longer than she cared to recall welled up inside her, catching her off guard.

Briefly Faye imagined how it would feel to have his arms around her, pressing her against that streamlined body. She almost laughed out loud at herself. It was hopeless even to think such things. She was only eight years Marcus’s senior, and there was a time when she could have held her own against many women half her age, but not anymore. Her recent strain and the loss of a considerable amount of weight had left her looking haggard and older than her years. No, Marcus might tease her but he would never view her as an object of desire.

Pushing the thought aside, Faye adopted a bright tone. “Does your wife know you’re here?”

“Lord no,” Marcus said, clearly horrified. “If I’d mentioned I’d won this competition, Alison would have expected to come with me. As far as my family is concerned, I’m attending a conference on the future of the property market, among other things.”

“But aren’t you worried she’ll find out?”

“Oh, no, Alison trusts me too much to doubt my word. I called her last night to let her know I’d arrived safely in Leeds, and she never suspected a thing.” He gave a self-congratulatory shrug. “And in the unlikely event of her questioning me too deeply about the conference, I’ve sent my most trusted associate to check it out on my behalf so he can fill me in on the details.”

“You,” Faye said, splashing him playfully, “are an extremely naughty boy.”

Marcus grinned. “And don’t you just love it?”

Laughing, Faye turned onto her back to hide her blush. The sun’s earlier intensity had lessened, and it felt pleasantly warm on her outstretched limbs. The breeze carried the hum of male voices to her ears, and in the distance she made out the figures of Will and Anjum playing tennis.

Suddenly the beauty of the scene overwhelmed her: the clouds sketching patterns against the sky, the walls of the old farmhouse glazed a soft apricot in the afternoon light, the shrubs and trees in every shade of green. It was all so picturesque, the colors so vivid and full of life, Faye found it painful to look at.

“Faye, what is it?” Marcus’s voice broke into her thoughts, full of concern. “You’re crying.”

“Don’t be daft.” She wiped a hand across her cheeks. “I got water in my eye, that’s all.”

Buy Voices On The Waves now from Red Rose Publishing

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