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Slave to characters

19 Sep

Divine Intervention by Kristy Denice Bock (and Savannah Delseno)

As with most authors, I wrote Divine Intervention with a clear idea in my head of where the story would go. Three pages later, all hell broke loose, and Savannah Delseno told me exactly what she thought of my clear, concise plans. I tried, very hard, to control the flow of the story but she wouldn’t budge an inch. It was HER way or NO way.

Glad I listened! Divine Intervention went from being a good story to a fabulous one. Though this author was clearly steamrolled by a character, I can not regret a single moment. From the time she dies on her wedding day, to the day she releases thousands of souls, Savannah steps up to the plate and gives everything of herself without ever wondering if she should worry about the consequences.

The Divine Goddesses do everything in their power to push Savannah in the direction they want her to go, but I’m happy to say, she didn’t listen to THEM anymore than she listened to ME! Some of you met Noxia, the Goddess who leads the Divine Ones in book one, Divine Touch, and you’ll be happy to see her again in Divine Intervention. Other Goddess’s make their presence known, and interfere as often as they can.

The real joy in writing this book was visiting Edereu as a child. In her awkward preteen years, she still manages to make a profound impact on the lives of those around her. It makes me wonder if Edereu will grow up to be a wonderful, loving Goddess like her mother… or the selfish, power-hungry Goddess of her past. I can’t wait to write the next book to find out what is going on with her.

I can’t put into words how much I enjoyed this book. I would like to take credit for it, but in all honesty, Savannah told me what to write down, and I wrote it down. She told me what type of man she wanted, and I found Gabriel – whom she found perfectly acceptable. Then when the Goddesses tried to run her life, she told me how to make them miserable.

I hope you enjoy meeting Savannah, and reading about her as much as I enjoyed writing about her. She truly is a woman with her own mind, her own set of morals, and she marches to the beat of her own drum. Though, she will let you walk with her on occasion.


Kristy Denice Bock


Black Rayne Silent Screams by Yvonne Nicolas

14 Sep

Let’s see. Where do I start?

I remember the day I sat down at the computer and started writing. It was right after I finished a book from Zane. God, I love her writing. You could say she was my inspiration. In the back of my mind, I had always wondered if I could write an erotic novel, but was content with just reading them. My mother, also an avid reader, coaxed me to give it a try.

So, five years later, I finally did!

The first novel I banged out was titled, “The Shade of Lust.” Since mentioning it, I glanced at it for a good laugh. It’s in pretty rough shape, but it’s still sexy as all get down. One of these days, I may go back to it, dust it off and put out there for the readers to see, but for now, I’ll leave it locked up in the vault.

After I realized I could actually write a book, I wrote, Designing Love. I got the idea for this novel while working as an Architectural Designer for a small firm in Florida. The storyline for this one came easy to me and the love scenes came even easier.

The hero in the story, Devon, has the attitude many architects have to this day. Arrogance, yet brilliant. Josephine, on the other hand, shares his brilliance, but is humble about her work, which mirrors the personality of a friend of mine who is a fabulous interior designer. Love you, Michelle!

In my head, their love affair started out as a sweet romance. By the time it streamed from my brain to my fingers, it became a hot, steamy bowl of lust. LOL! Hey, what can I say? That’s where my muse takes me. I appreciate and love all of the emails I’ve received from readers expressing their enjoyment of my writing. And to answer the question that many have asked, yes, I am writing a sequel to Designing Love.

As long as God spares me with life and health, I’ll continue to wow the readers with my off the wall tales.

Black Rayne Silent Screams was a novel I’d wanted to write for some years, but was too chicken to do it since the very idea of it was pushing boundaries and breaking rules. It played over and over again in my mind as a dark journey where there are many obstacles and unrestrained sexual desire along the way. After being persuaded by a few friends, I typed my thoughts out and the edgy urban fantasy was born.

The idea to put a 17th century nobleman with a 21st century hip-hop diva seemed farfetched at first thought, but I somehow made it work. Though they are total opposites in every way, shape and form, they are drawn together by the sheer fabric of dark passion and the duty to protect a world that has no knowledge of the impending doom that’s about to fall upon them.

The next book in the series is Black Rayne Scarlet Moon. Like Silent Screams, this story is filled with lust, action and death, but of course, I had to push the boundaries ju-u-ust a little further. *snicker*

You can find both novels and Red Rose Publishing.