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The Goddess Welcomes – Isabel Roman

23 Jul

A master magicker, Morgana Blackthorne has a tenuous hold on her following. When a strange Englishman arrives on her doorstep with news of other druidic magickers, and magicker problems, she’s intrigued but suspicious. There hasn’t been contact between the American and European druids in over a hundred years. Plus she has her own worries and doesn’t need the handsome earl adding to them.

Lucien, Earl of Granville, left England to seek out the Blackthorne Druid line and discover what they’ve been up to since contact was lost. Once he and Morgana meet, their mutual attraction distracts him from his purpose. Embroiled in her problems, he finds himself more concerned with her welfare than is practical for a passing affair.

When I invited you into my bed, it never occurred to me I wouldn’t want you to leave.

There are darker forces at work and the hunger of a weak magicker desperate for power. Will Lucien convince Morgana of his true feelings before things spiral out of control? Or will the surrounding subterfuge tear them apart?

***The Excerpt***

“Lucien Harrington,” Jacobs, her butler, intoned, “the Earl of Granville.”

Smiling, Morgana swept out of the circle, stepping into the foyer, and greeted her guest. His timing was off, but as the magicker she knew him to be, not suspect.

“Welcome, Lord Granville,” she said, offering a slight curtsy.

He was tall, with dark blond hair, dark blue eyes, and a sharp nose over which he looked down at her. Her eyes traveled over his face, down his body, clothed in immaculately tailored Savile Row, back to his face. Arousal pooled hot in her belly.

She’d never wanted any man. Yet Morgana wanted Lord Granville. Her skin prickled at his nearness, her womb clenched with want.

Forcing her mind off his body, she studied his face. Briefly, want flashed in his eyes and she smiled a truly wicked smile at him. It was gone as fast as it’d shone and she returned to studying him. There was grief hidden deep in his eyes, along with suspicion and weariness. Tilting her head, she wondered what caused those emotions. Suspicion she could easily understand. It’d been more than a hundred and thirty years since their families had any contact. Though, since he’d sought her out, she should be more suspicious of him.

“Mistress Blackthorne,” he bowed over her offered hand. Flicking a glance behind her, he said, “I hope I’m not interrupting.”

“Not at all,” Morgana smiled. She could all but feel David’s displeasure. Suppressing a giddy smile, she took Lord Granville’s arm and led him into the parlor. “We’re about to begin the New Moon Ritual. Do you still practice it in England?”

Looking up at him with guileless eyes, she waited for his confusion, gratified when it sparked briefly in those bottomless depths. Damn them all. She could be as gracious as she liked, but in the end, resentment bubbled to the surface. They’d abandoned her ancestors to indentured servitude and hadn’t bothered to contact any of them since.

“I’m afraid we lost that custom when we lost the valuable Blackthorne line.”

Morgana raised her eyebrow at him as they entered the parlor. Wasn’t he the diplomat?

“Would you care to join the ritual, Lord Granville?”

He bowed again and smiled. “It would be my pleasure, Mrs. Blackthorne.”

** The Buzz **

4.5 Cherries from Whipped Cream Reviews: Isabel Roman has stepped up the action in this second book of her series. The characters are all well defined and multi-faceted. Morgana is a strong woman, but one who is willing to give all to those she cares deeply for….I also appreciated the research that must have gone into this book to make everything so true to the time period. I respect the author’s time taken to get it right.

4 Stars from Love Romance Passion: Do you like jealous heroes and love triangles? How about sizzling sexual encounters atop of dining room furniture? If you answered yes to either question, you’re going to love this novella. I’m also recommending it, if you enjoy reading paranormal romance, historical, or erotica.

**The Author**

Who is Isabel Roman?

The short answer is:

A sci-fi loving, movie watching, occassionally paranormal, mostly erotic romance writer with way too many ideas and so little time to write them all down.

The longer answer:

Currently I’m addicted to NCIS reruns on USA, and hope to catch all the just-past season on reruns some place. With summer, I don’t plan on working on my garden, I have bad allergies, but do plan on enjoying the outside and, more importantly, the warmth! I adore the beach, walking, and reading. I don’t enjoy messing with Dreamweaver, but that’s what I chose as my website program. The 1000+ book that didn’t come with it is a big help and a better deadweight.

Not all my stories are paranormal but the majority are: Druids, werewolves, vampires, ghosts, maybe even a genie or two. One or two of my stories aren’t erotica, either, but they’re all filled with tension.

For more information:


The Goddess Welcomes – Kaily Hart

14 Jul

How Many Pairs of Running Shoes Does One Man Need?

I really enjoy writing in the male Point of View (POV). Alright, alright, who am I kidding? I love it! It’s easier for me to write than the female POV for some reason and a whole lot more fun. In recent years, and certainly throughout my ‘before writing’ professional career, I worked in a male dominated industry and have a lot of male friends. Male friends that were, and are, very open about what they think about. TMI, anyone? I grew up a tomboy and I still love to get my hands dirty on occasion. I’m not a woman’s woman, but I’m a girly girl, if that makes any sense. I can render a wall, paint anything, use a power tool with ease and dry wall, but I have a purse and shoe collection you wouldn’t believe. I think I just relate a whole lot better to a simpler, more direct approach to things. Sometimes a spade is just a spade, you know?

I love to think about and explore how men really think. It’s fascinating and let’s face it, I’m always more interested in the hero in romantic fiction. It’s the heroine we’re invested with, but it’s the hero’s show in many ways. As such, I really try to get into the male psyche and try to delve into what and how a guy might think and how he’ll act in certain situations based on the personality I’ve built. Of course, I use what’s at my disposal for research; family, friends, my husband, even my young son. No-one is safe! Sometimes I get it. And at other times? It’s still a mystery, like…why the heck my husband thinks he needs eleven pairs of athletic shoes. Eleven! He insists they’re all different and serve very specific purposes. LOL. Okay, I don’t know about you, but they all look the same to me.

So, what do you think? Do you think you have it figured out?

Check it out!! Read the Excerpt!!

1 R-rated

Christ, he was a sick fuck.

Sam rubbed his hand over the rough stubble on his jaw, the raspy sound loud in the quiet room. Carla, Carrie, or whatever the hell her name was, had left. Hell, she hadn’t been able to get away fast enough once she’d figured it out. He could still smell the unmistakable scent of sex. It was thick and heavy in the air and wafted up from the ruined sheets he was lying on every time he moved. It’d been good—hard, fast and impersonal, just how he liked it. Okay, so it’d gone to crap at the end, but he’d gotten his rocks off and had no complaints in that regard. She’d been gorgeous and built, with a tongue that was more talented than most and a way of moving her hips when she rode him that had almost blown the top of his head off. So what was his problem and what the fuck was he doing? He shouldn’t still want to, shouldn’t need to—


Desperate and young, Jillian Moore did something she knew would one day come back to bite her in the ass. She’d posed nude. For money. Years later, and on the fast track to a successful career, she’s still haunted by her mistake. She can’t help but wonder when her past will catch up with her.

Samuel Steele is not short on female attention, but the women who warm his bed pale in comparison to the fantasy he’s created of the seductive temptress in the painting hanging prominently in his bedroom. A fantasy that has ruined his once satisfying sex life. When he discovers that her exact likeness works in his building—for him—things get…interesting.

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