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For the networking inept

15 Apr

I’ve never been one to have the exceptional fortitude to be in anything for the long haul. I like new, shiny, and different. This has held true for most aspects of my life. I am fairly certain the longest I’ve ever lived in one place was three years. I could be wrong, but I’m fairly certain that this is the longest I’ve ever resided in one location. This brings me to the point that I’m basically a flake. I’ve long since come to terms with this and understand that I’ll probably be this way for the rest of my natural life. What does that have to do with this blog you ask? Well… I wrote a book. (buy here)

Apparently just writing the book is no where near enough these days for the average e book author. What comes next is promotional work. We’ll here’s what I know about social networking online…  what? Oh, I’m sorry you actually expected me to finish that thought? There in lies the problem with me. I like fireworks because they are instant and explode in a thousand shiny colors and end the moment the flame burns out. I can attest to fifteen years of half hazard dieting that I lack the will power to become one of those people who become social media marketing titans.

So, to at least attempt to latch on to the idea of promoting this book, I bought a book that fit me to a T. ‘The Complete Idiot’s guide to Social media Marketing’; Discover how Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube and other social sites give you a marketing advantage. So for someone with the ‘Oh Shiny Disease’ such as myself, what does this mean? I have most of the aforementioned accounts, but do I use them properly? Probably not. Do I even know how? Um… negatory. Is there a right way and a wrong way to promote on said sites? Let’s read and find out shall we? I hate to go anywhere alone, so I’m going to take you along for the ride. If you learn something too… well then that’s just icing on the cake.

Now, on to social networking. According to The Complete Idiot’s guide to Social media Marketing’, there are seven networks I should be apart of to sell my book, buy here. Facebook… check. Twitter… check. LinkedIn… check if they send me the verification thingy. Youtube… check. How many is that? Oh four. Be right back, I forgot what the other three were. Whew. Okay. Where were we? Myspace… check and it jumped the shark already so I’m not entirely sure I agree with this. Ning… check even though I’m so lost on if people can actually find it, or if you are just trying to hawk your book to the same people trying to hawk theirs. Blog… check! You are even reading it! Hot damn, the marketing book is a success now go buy my book.

I don’t know if we actually learned anything in chapter one, but it was quite easy to read and there were as many lame attempts at humor as there are in this blog, so its fitting that I purchased it. So, after you sign up for those programs add me because I’m the social media inept. When I grow up (in my next life) I want to be born as Bill Gates so I can write all day long and not have to worry about necessities such as promoting and website maintenance. There was a book called ‘Twitter Power’ that I almost got, but it was five dollars more and I kept going around the store, with my best scrappy do imitation, saying Puppy Power! and somehow… that’s not the effect I wanted to have on all three of you that will read this blog.

hehehe. Puppy Power! Come on, say it with me… you know you want to.

That’s a sign that I can no longer write anything else productive in this blog. I’m stuck on puppy power.




JAPM April 12th Divine Touch Contest

12 Apr

Today’s contest is simple… with great rewards!!

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Just Another Paranormal Monday!!

5 Apr

Yay… I’m a guest on Just another Paranormal Monday today!!! How exciting!!

Contest #1 for today…

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